Content Distribution Checklist

  19 min
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1. Facebook

%ULIST;1;bullet-default;Share the content on your company Facebook page.;Share the content on your personal account. Set privacy to public.;Use Facebook advertising to distribute the content to a broader audience than your page would likely reach.;Join Facebook groups and share the content you’ve developed in them as soon as it’s published.;Comment in FB groups when people ask questions about similar topics. Add value before the link.;Use retargeting display or Facebook ads to connect with your mailing list. Upload your list and you can target these individuals.;Reach out to a few of your closest friends on Facebook and ask them if they’d mind sharing the content.;Create a Note or Instant Article on Facebook that drives to the content you’ve developed or is a repurposed version of the content.;Pin the content to the top of your Facebook page.;Share and @Mention any brands referenced in the piece.;Share a graphic with a CTA in your Facebook story.;Run remarketing ads against people who have visited your site lately.;Run remarketing ads against people who have watched 20+ seconds of your video.;Run a news feed ad promoting the post.%

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